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“My take working with Nash in a coaching session was a joyful experience. I had a sense that he was genuine and really cared about helping me become a better person. He has such a passion to help people that I know he will do what he can to be the best coach possible. I highly recommend Nash for someone seeking assistance for life’s challenges.” -Greg Roby
Nash has a great knowledge of human behaviour and the human mind. He has a deep understanding of relationships. I really recommend him as a coach. He is very patient and he knows how to work with different cultures and different backgrounds. Nash is a very positive person and is extraordinary in directing you exactly to the way you want to go in life. -Ramona Mons

Well Over 50% Of People Are Not Happy In Their Careers.

Fortunately, That Doesn’t Have To Be You Anymore

We all deserve to be completely passionate and love what we do but unfortunately, that is far from the case for most people. Perhaps you too have found yourself in a job or running a business to afford the things society tells us all are so important, things that we soon discover fail to bring us any lasting happiness or fulfilment.

Sometimes we underestimate the devastating impact job dissatisfaction can have on our health not to mention the effect it can have on all the other areas of our life such as our relationships.

In the passed 12 years, I had 8 different jobs and I ran 4 businesses. At one point, due to the confusion and the inconsistency that had me jumping from job to job, I came face to face with the reality that I was on the verge of bankruptcy.

I am so inspired by helping others find fulfilment in their careers and in their lives, because I have felt the pain. Also in my time working in the medical field, I saw first hand, so many people who failed to take responsibility for their lives.

Had I not discovered what I now know through investing tens of thousands of hours and dollars into studying books, courses and mentors to get my life on track, I would still be stuck in that frustrating, confusing and unfulfilling loop.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned came from a great man by the name of Jim Rohn. It was advice that was given to Jim at the age of 25 by his mentor, “for things to change, you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better.”

My life dramatically changed when I began surrounding myself with the right people. People who supported me in pursuing my goals and dreams. People who saw my potential and guided me to see it in myself. This wasn’t before going through years of frustration, confusion, emptiness and desperate searching.

When I finally made the choice to stop settling and I got committed to doing something with my life, I decided I wanted people in my corner who would both assist and push me to discover what I was capable of.

The question is, are you ready to step up?

Through my coaching, I combine a wide range of unique life experiences along with what I have learnt through years of immersing myself in and studying peak performance, personal grow and leadership material along with the guidance of some world class coaches and mentors. I now offer this knowledge and experience to my coaching clients in high impact strategy and accountability sessions.

If you are serious about elevating your life to the next level and making this the best year yet, contact me to schedule a 90 minute FREE Session to see if I’m the coach for you.

No matter where you are or what you are going through, you have so much available to you right now to launch into a magnificent future.

You deserve nothing less.

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