When it comes to leaving a legacy, it’s important to have a clear benchmark about exactly what that means to you.

Legacy is not just about getting people to remember us and how great we were.

Let’s talk about how we can live to leave a legacy that makes a difference versus just going on an “ego trip”.

The power of our legacy lies in the positive impact we have during our life that continues to benefit people into the future.

We all know it feels amazing to give and deep down, we all want to do something meaningful on this planet. We all want to contribute.

Imagine if you could live in such a way where your “magnificent obsession” became to leverage your talents so that the positive effect of your life will be felt far into the future. Imagine if you woke up every day and went out with a focus on doing work and that would continue to contribute to the world far beyond your life?

I learned this idea from a very wealthy man called Peter Daniels. He spoke about setting things in motion so that your life will benefit the planet at least 250 years beyond your life. Can you see why this guy was successful? Big thinking, big action, big impact equals big return!

I actually took this idea of having impact 250 years forward and expanded on it. I hope you will do the same with what I am sharing here. We always need to progress or as the saying goes, “Stand on the shoulders of giants”.

The look on my mate’s face was priceless when I told him I am focused on having an impact that will last 500 years past my life. With technology, I believe that is very possible.

Perhaps that idea might sound a little far-fetched to you too, but perhaps that’s because it is a new idea.

Again, it feels amazing to contribute, so why would we not choose to come up with plans and live our lives to have the biggest impact we can? Talk about an amazing sense of purpose!

I am committed to this mission and I’m always looking for new ways so set things in motion to ensure I can have this impact. It’s an exciting way to live! It is why have chosen to do the work I do as a coach.

To spark your mind around your own legacy, here are some ideas:

  • Writing a book that contains “evergreen content”
  • Creating videos sharing valuable knowledge
  • Raising a family with great values
  • Creating artwork; be it a piece of music, a sculpture, a painting or a building
  • Building wealth that can benefit future generations
  • Scientific breakthroughs
  • Business innovation
  • Cultivating the land (I want to have an olive tree plantation…the oldest olive tree in the world is believed to be 2,000 – 3,000 years old!)

The list goes on…

And here is another powerful idea, we can even focus on undoing years of damage through finding ways to counteract the impact generations before us might had over the past few hundred years.

In essence, we all have the ability to leverage our unique strengths to have a huge impact as big as we are willing to make it. The greater impact we focus on having, the more fulfilled our life will be.

While we can never guarantee what will happen in the future, imagine if you were aiming for 300 years of impact and you got 100, 50, even 1 year past your life! That is still an epic achievement! You might aim for the stars and only hit the moon, but you would be a lot further than most people who never left earth!

Think big, my friend.

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