The Missing Links To Achieving Your Life’s Goals

I’m sure at some stage you have set goals or New Years resolutions. Goals are so important to have and you’ve probably heard this before however majority of people give up on their goals as soon as they feel the slightest bit of resistance. Unfortunately most people don’t know that there are a few easy steps you need to take to not only achieve your goals, but to set the right goals.

It’s been proven that progressing is one of the keys to a happy life. Goals are a great way to track and measure our progress.

Our ability to set goals is a gift. The goals we choose to set can help us stretch and move to new levels of growth and ultimately fulfilment.

I want to share the game changing formula that will help you actually achieve your goals if you are willing to follow the simple steps. But first, here are a few interesting facts.

Fact: It has been proven that people who set goals are up to 50% more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

Fact: Only 3 out of every 100 adults actually write their goals down.

Fact: Writing and constantly reviewing goals is one of the main habits of the super successful and high achievers.

Fact: The very act of committing to writing your goals down causes you to get more clarity as you put them into written words.

Fact:  A lot of people have tried setting goals and say it doesn’t work. This is simply because they didn’t have this proven formula and the right leverage.

I have a few questions that I invite you to consider:

Do you feel you are you on track to reach the goals you set at the start of the year?

Secondly, did you write your goals down with dates for achieving them? 

And lastly, do you know why it is so important to achieve your goals and are your goals in line with your values? In other words, is what you’re trying to achieve really what you want and does it correspond with what is most important to you VS what you think will make other people happy or what other people want you to do? 

Now if you haven’t set any goals or you’re a little bit off track that’s OK because tomorrow’s a new day and by following this quick step by step process I have outlined for you, you can be well on your way.

Let’s begin by clarifying why it’s crucial to set goals in every part of your life and why it is so important they align with your values.

So what are values? Your values are simply the things in your life that are most important to you, the things you think about most, the things that you don’t have to be reminded to do and the things that you will gladly spend your time, energy and money on or learning about. An example of some values might be: Fitness, family, learning, money, friends, contribution. Generally you feel incredibly fulfilled when you are living by your highest values.

Your values are part of your individual make-up and they are a key ingredient in setting the right goals and actually achieving them. Your values greatly influence all of your actions and decisions in life. They are really our default way of being.

The formula 

If we are ever going to reach our goals, we need to know exactly WHY we want to achieve that outcome. If we can clearly see how achieving a goal will help us live more of our highest values, we will require very little motivation to do the work required.

Let’s say someone has a goal to get super fit this year. They have written their goal down but as much as they want this, they just can’t seem to find the motivation. Everyday they fall further behind and they constantly feel ill and low on energy.

This is where our values come in. For this example, we will say that ‘family’ is this person’s highest value.

What this person would need to do is link how not looking after their health is having a very negative impact and influence on their family.

Some examples might be:

By not achieving their fitness goals, they always feel self conscious and frustrated. This is then reflected in their words and in turn effects their loved ones and friends or they might not have enough energy to run around with their kids.

As humans we are constantly trying to move away from pain or towards pleasure. So if you are really serious about your goals I highly encourage you to invest the time to link how not achieving your goals will effect you living your highest values and how by achieving it, you will be able to live by that highest value more effectively.

Once you have set goals that are in line with your values, you need to formulate a plan for achieving your goals. This is your map that you can always refer back to so you stay on track.

Your goal map should include any skills you need to learn, the daily action you are willing to take to make your goals a reality and lastly, if you have big goals or small goals, you want to break them down into the following categories.

Types of Goals

There are 3 different types of goals for every area of your life, short term goals (daily to weekly goals) intermediate goals (monthly to yearly goals) and long term goals. To explain it very simply, your long term goals should both “scare you a little and excite you a lot” to quote Joe Vitale. Whereas your short term goals should be very easy and achievable.

Next, ensure you put dates for achieving your goals. The clearer you make your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. You might not be able to see the entire process of how you can achieve your goals, but do your best with the knowledge you have right now. As you learn more and talk to others who have achieved the same or a similar outcomes as you want, you will discover new tricks and shortcuts.


Brain-wash yourself

Once you have identified goals that are extremely important to you and you have a plan, the next step is to read that plan first thing every morning and last thing at night.

Just like pro athletes do, you want to picture yourself achieving that goal and experiencing the feelings you will feel when you achieve it. The more you can see your goal in your mind, the more likely you are to achieve it and put simply, you are actually giving your brain an instruction and it will start searching for things that will help you achieve it.

Final Key Ingredient

The last thing you want to do is take some action towards your goals immediately. This will help cement your goals in your mind and will help you feel fantastic as you begin to progress. Always remember, no matter how small an action you take, you are still moving towards it and that’s something to be super proud of.

So let’s recap:

1) If you are serious about reaching your goals this year and every year after, then linking them to your highest values and knowing your WHY will be a game changer. When you do this it will make it very difficult to not do the action required to meet your goals because remember, no one needs to tell us to live by our highest values.

2) If you cannot link what your trying to achieve to your values, you could be pursuing that goal based on other people’s opinions of what you should be doing. This will lead to frustration and confusion in the long run.

3) Make a plan of exactly how you are going to achieve your goals and break it down into simple daily action steps.

4) Put dates on your goals and identify any new skills you need to learn. You can break the skills down into daily actions too.

5) Divide your goals into one or all of the three categories, depending on how big they are.

6) Review your action plan morning and night and imagine yourself achieving it.

7) Finally, take some sort of action towards that goal immediately.

Never be afraid to set and pursue huge and audacious goals in life, in-fact, I encourage you to do so. When you have a big end goal that aligns with your values, you will be constantly pushing yourself and stretching and this in turn will make you an extraordinary person. I have heard it said that, “it’s not always about reaching the end destination, it’s about the person you become on the journey.”

I will leave you with this. You are worth investing the time to do these exercises. You deserve to live an epic life and who you become by pursuing worthwhile goals will not only empower you but you will inspire those around you to do the same.


Post by Nash Mackey

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Nash Mackey
Nash Mackey
Nash Mackey is an entrepreneur, a life strategist and mindset coach who is passionate about helping others recognise and then harness their awesome potential. He is also a proud dad and husband with a wide variety of life experience spanning from the military, working in the medical field along with the hospitality and construction industry. Through sharing lessons from personal life experiences, years of immersing himself in peak performance training and world class mentors, Nash is on a mission through his writing, speaking, coaching and videos, to help others release their greatness on earth and have a positive impact and live lives of magnificent fulfilment.

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