Ben Kelly Interview – The Mind-Set Of A Multiple 6 Figure Earner In Network Marketing

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Ben Kelly is an extremely successful network marketer, earning multiple 6 figures each year. Ben leads a team of thousands of people within a phenomenal nutritional cleansing company that is helping people all around the world to transform their lives.  Ben has achieved a huge amount of success in only a matter of years after reaching a point where he was fed up with his job as a brick layer. I was super excited to connect with Ben and learn about the shifts he had to make in his life and to gain a better understanding of network marketing as a career. Here are some of the key takeaways from the interview! (Watch the full interview here) What are some of the key changes you had to make in your life to transition from being a bricklayer to someone who is now leading a team of thousands in networker marketing?  “I had to make an extreme amount of changes.”  Some of the biggest changes Ben talks about were around his interpersonal and social skills. “As a brick layer, you tend to be dealing with a lot of the same people week to week, however network marketing is relationship based. Going into something that was so positive was very hard for someone who was so negative. At the time I didn’t typically like being around a lot of other people, mainly because of a very bad mindset.” Ben talks about how he felt a lot of resistance being around all the positivity as he stepped into this new world as he got exposed to new ways of looking at things. But as he allowed himself to gain new perspectives and develop new ways of seeing the world, Ben found that new doors started opening. Next, Ben touches on a point that is so valuable; that is building on our strengths. Every successful person I have studied or spoken to has emphasised how important it is to build on our strengths and get clear on our non-strengths.   “I took a lot of the strong traits and characteristics that were formed in the construction industry that served me really well, but I also realised there was still a lot I needed to learn. I think one of the great things about me in the beginning was that I had fair expectations around just how much I needed to know and learn and around what sort of timeframe and commitment it was going to take. I guess I was very much in the know of how little I actually knew. It took me three and a half years of learning how to be a bricklayer, to do something I really didn’t enjoy just to get by and survive. So I figured that I can give five years on the side learning something that can open up a whole world of possibilities. I have done this before with something I don’t enjoy so I can easily do it with something I feel much more purposeful being involved in. One of the biggest factors of my growth has been falling in love with the fact that there is so much I didn’t know! There is knowing that there is stuff you don’t know and then there is not knowing stuff you don’t know. If I was going to have success in a certain industry, it was going to take me envisioning the sort of person who could hold the lifestyle and the success I wanted..and it wasn’t the brick layer I was. It was then a matter of setting a heap of identity based goals around someone who could hold the success he wanted. Because as the saying goes by Wayne Dyer, “we can’t change our life with the same mindset that created it”. At the time I was very comfortable being wrong about certain things. I had beliefs that had become so deeply intrenched; things that I was so certain were the “truth” I had to be able to relinquish them. As a consequence, growth was fairly rapid.” What was the force or the fuel that was driving you to make all this incredible change? Was it an escape out of desperation or a pull from inspiration?  “I think it was a blend of both! The desperation was more the place I functioned from because I felt like I was at rock bottom. In my head, I didn’t feel like I could go any further south! And I hope that people don’t have to get to that point before they create progress. But over all, it was really coming to some rational conclusions and also being driven to help my mum out. I realised I wasn’t going to be able to really help her when I could barely get by as a brick layer. So finding an avenue that could allow me to earn above what I required for just myself to get by was imperative. And I wanted to be able to travel because at the time, I had no freedom. I really wasn’t having any fun and I didn’t feel I had any choice in how my life was playing out. I wanted to be able to experience what this world had to offer.” Ben, you speak on stages all around the world in-front of thousands of people which requires a huge level of confidence. Is that confidence something you started out with or is it something you developed? And what can other people do to develop that kind of confidence?  “Very simple, just become someone who does what they say they are going to matter how big or small! The more you can just set a task for yourself and just do it, is my viewpoint of what it takes to create self-belief and self-worth. It’s just becoming someone who does what they say they are going to do. I found that for me the results were in some ways less important than the actual doing of what I had set out to achieve. I feel that we are more of what we do than we are of our results..and I think if we fall in love with that we will enjoy the journey a lot more. This way we will not have this requirement of things needing to come to fruition for us to have a sense of fulfilment or happiness. Being purposeful is always so much more important than achieving what we deem to be our purpose.” What are some of the biggest misconceptions you find people have around network-marketing?   “There is so much…but always the number one things is that it is a pyramid scheme. If I hear someone say that now, I 100% know that they are someone who’s opinion I shouldn’t take on just about anything because they are not objective. People make opinions off very little..someone at the pub says something and it goes in and people decide that is it and they go to work to validate that! Personally I can’t form an opinion until I get as much information and as much clarity from perceived experts in a number of areas. And being wrong can be a great thing but some people just want their opinions to be right more than anything else.   And I get why there is scepticism because there are some companies that operate in certain ways that I don’t agree with. But that is the same as any industry, you always get some companies that do it right and some that do the polar opposite. So I don’t feel that people’s initial opinions and scepticism is unwarranted. I had a lot of questions and some scepticism initially, again I am a very rational thinker. But if people are willing to question and go and search for information from relevant sources, at least they can build an opinion not just off emotion and being self-righteous. For me in the beginning, did I want this to not be a possibility? Yeah, maybe a little bit because at times it seems much easier to ignore the possibilities because it let’s us get off scot-free! Network marketing is a phenomenal industry but of course you will get people who treat it like amateur-hour but that is the case in most industries.      The best thing about our industry is that you get paid off your effort, which is fantastic. The people who work the hardest get rewarded because they put the most amount of effort in. For example in basketball, LeBron James is where he is because he works hard, he puts in the time, the commitment, he is coachable and he is willing to be wrong and always look at where he can improve.” How important is it to choose a network marketing company that is in line with your values?  “I think a lot of people don’t do as well as they like because they choose to align themselves with companies that they wouldn’t be passionate about if there wasn’t money involved. You have to believe in what it is you are doing. For me and my sister, (Peta Kelly) we started using the products and getting results before we even realised we were involved in a network marketing company. There is a lot of people on social platforms promoting products to their followers that they don’t even use! The people who have the most success in network marketing are the ones who believe in and love their products wholeheartedly. For me I got so excited about how well these products worked, that I couldn’t help but share them with the people I cared about.” How much of what you have achieved has been based off strategic goal setting VS following your inspiration in the moment?  “A lot of what I do is content creation and that has to come from a place of inspiration. We do have to be intentional and setting goals just allows us to understand and get clear on the work that is required to progress ourselves. Being able to get tangible numbers and have time frames really then dictates our intentions and the work ethic and work rate, which is super important. Obviously we don’t want to become too attached to certain outcomes but goals are important to help us be directional and intentional with our efforts. And structure definitely allows us to avoid a lot of overwhelm.” Moving forward, what is the impact that you want to have? “I’m not out to change the world. I feel like everyone is fully empowered to make decisions. They may have attracted information through me, but at they end of the day, that is all them because they were inviting it. If I can just learn about myself and progress in my own life, I think that people can use that example in their own life. That’s the ripple effect I want to have. I don’t really have a “God like” identity where I think I am changing a lot of lives. I definitely want my family and friends to remember me a certain way and I just hope that I have caused a little more ease being here than I have caused harm. Again I don’t want to put to much weight on my shoulders because it then makes it hard to do the work.”


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