How To Effectively Progress In Life For Lasting Fulfilment

How To Effectively Progress In Life For Lasting Fulfilment

Imagine a magnificent rocket with seven powerful engines. All seven of the engines play an essential roll in getting this space craft to it’s destination. Now imagine if for some reason that during take-off, some of these engines failed! The rocket might get so far but without all engines running correctly but it would not reach its destination before it fell out of the sky. 

Perhaps you know of someone who has been so focused on one area of their life, such as their fitness or their business to the point that they neglected their family or some there vital area. When we neglect any area of our life, things can get messy and ultimately lead to a huge amount of pain and un-fulfilment.

Our brains love clarity and in this day and age with so much distraction, it really is more important than ever. Having clear and specific areas of life to focus on is an easy way to effectively progress in the vital areas of life and to guide us toward lasting fulfilment.

We have more than enough history behind us to have a good understanding of what works well and what doesn’t work for humans. From that history we know that it is essential for us all to be constantly growing in certain areas of life. While peoples opinions do differ on the number of areas of life, after my own research, I have narrowed down what I believe to be the vital seven.

Health – We only get one body. To perform at optimal levels and really live to our full potential, we need the right nutrition, great environments and sufficient movement everyday.

While some people have amazing financial or business success, by neglecting their health, they loose the greatest wealth of all.

Our ability to develop high energy and being able to use it wisely will play a huge roll in what we can achieve. If we truly want to be of service to others and make a great difference, we need to first look after ourselves.

Mind and Intellectual Development – The mind can be our greatest gift or our greatest challenge in life. So taking the time to learn and understand it is essential. Every one of us has phenomenal potential waiting to be accessed.

Just as our bodies require great nutrition to perform at optimal levels, so our minds also need to be constantly nourished with great information. The input will determine the output. 

We need to learn to master our emotions and not be run by them so we can respond to life rather than react. For lasting fulfilment we also need to develop the right skills, habits, beliefs and the creativity so we can bring our dreams to life and contribute great value to the world.

Spirituality – The word “Inspire” stems from a Latin word meaning “in spirit.” When we are living on purpose, in a way that is truly meaningful to us and that is inline with our values and all of creation, we feel inspired. Spiritual growth is also about learning to be truly grateful and recognising that we are all connected. That we have been created for a reason.

Spiritual growth happens when we let our souls be stirred by the magnificence of life and experiencing all the joy, love and beauty of the earth. It is recognising the divine balance that is all around us.

Our Social Life/Influence/Environment – We are social beings with a survival instinct to want to fit in and to be accepted. Unconsciously we will  mirror the lives of the people around us. So if we predominantly hang around people who are playing small and who are wasting their lives, then we will find ourselves doing the same. This is why it is crucial to associate with higher thinkers and achievers. To have mentors and friends who support our growth and who inspire us to dig deeper and who hold us to a higher standard. As the saying goes, “you cant put your hand in a pot of glue without some of it sticking to you.”

We also need to realise our influence on the people around us and how the life we choose to live is impacting the world future generations will have to live in.

Career –  Our careers are an opportunity to add value to others and contribute to the world by sharing our gifts. We will each spend a huge portion of our life in the careers we choose, so it is so important to find meaning in whatever it is you do. Also remember that the way we show up has the potential to inspire others and build our own self-confidence as we focus on giving our best. Do work that you are proud of. Aim for mastery.

Finances – There are certain facts in life. For example, kicking a rock will hurt, walking off a high cliff will end badly and we all need money!!  Money is a means of exchange and our financial wealth is a way to measure both the value we are delivering others and our own self-worth. These two go hand in hand. Without providing a solution to someone else’s problem, we cannot expect anything in return. And without self-worth, we will never accept fair exchange for our efforts. While of course money isn’t the answer to all things, with more financial wealth we have the ability to provide greater stability for ourselves and the people around us. Despite what some people think, money is neither good or bad. It simply takes on the meaning we give it. Earn all you can and do great things with it.

Family – Robin Sharma once wrote, “No one gets to the end of their life and regrets making their family a primary priority.” We all have a need to love, be loved and to have deep connection with others. Building strong loving relationships with others is so important to have lasting fulfilment in life.

None of us want to be alone. We all want to be on this journey of life with other people who we can share experiences with. People who we can laugh with and who we can support and who in turn support us through the difficult times.

By developing a family unit with great values, we can make a huge positive contribution to the world. Remember we are greatly effected by our environments and we both influence and are influenced by the people in our family.

Families also have a great way of keeping us grounded.

I once heard an interview with Will Smith and he spoke about coming home and telling his mom about a huge breakthrough in his career. While his mom acknowledged him for his achievement, she also followed the praise up with asking him to go down to the grocery store for her. Will’s mum understood the balance that we all need in life.

It is a given in life that we will experience both lows and highs in all areas at onetime or another. The huge benefit of focusing on progressing all 7 areas is that we don’t “have all our eggs in one basket”. So while we might be experiencing a set back in one area, knowing that we are progressing and growing in other areas will help us avoid becoming stagnant in life.

One of my mentors once taught me, “everything is touching everything.” We need to ensure we have all engines firing if we are serious about maximising our time on this earth. If you want to discover how to ensure you have all engines firing in your life right now or perhaps you want to find out how to more effectively progress in a particular area, then you will love this FREE GIFT.

About the Author:

Nash Mackey is an entrepreneur, a life strategist and mindset coach who is passionate about helping others recognise and then harness their awesome potential. He is also a proud dad and husband with a wide variety of life experience spanning from the military, working in the medical field along with the hospitality and construction industry. Through sharing lessons from personal life experiences, years of immersing himself in peak performance training and world class mentors, Nash is on a mission through his writing, speaking, coaching and videos, to help others release their greatness on earth and have a positive impact and live lives of magnificent fulfilment.
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