Why You Should Love Getting Uncomfortable

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So You Love Getting Uncomfortable….Right?

Speaking of getting uncomfortable…can you imagine getting laughed at after going to all the effort of sitting down and writing a book?

Well for a chap named Alvin Toffler, that was his reality when he released his book back in 1970. The book was titled Future Shock and when it was first published, people did indeed laugh because of some of the “shocking” predictions Toffler made about the future. 

The incredible thing is that so many of the “outrageous predictions” Toffler made fell short of how quickly the world would in fact progress. Toffler knew change was coming.

Before Toffler died, he said something profound; something to definitely take on board if you are committed to riding the waves of progress and not get left behind in this fast paced world. Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21 Century will not be the people who cannot read and write. They’re going to be the people who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Powerful..really let that sink in.

Albert Einstein had a famous saying that goes hand in hand with Toffler’s observation. Einstein said, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

As humans, we are beings of habit! It’s completely normal for us to do the same thing, the same way over and over because we love familiarity! We want to do what is comfortable and easy. This is also referred to as homeostasis.

However just because we learned to do or believe things to be a certain way in the past; just because something is familiar or comfortable, it doesn’t it’s right or even good for us.

Now this next idea might challenge your current way of thinking a bit. This might very well be the beginning of your learning and unlearning…but I think you need to hear it. Brace yourself! What you find comfortable now could in fact be the worst thing for you! What you find comfortable and easy could be robbing you of future success and even setting you up for a lot of pain. What you find comfortable and easy today could be the reason you get left behind…as one of Toffler’s “illiterate”.

The reason for this is because most people like things to be familiar and easy so they settle. Even if those things that are so familiar are digging them an early grave such as over eating, drinking to much alcohol, smoking, watching too much tv or hanging around toxic people. 

In a less subtle way, some people can be held back because of certain beliefs they have. Again beliefs that they are so comfortable with. Beliefs that filter the world they see around them.

In some ways, our minds are like a big vacuum. From even before we were out of mum’s tummy, we were taking information in. And from the time you were in mum’s tummy to now, chances are that you have done your fair share of “vacuuming”. In fact some experts suggest we are “vacuuming up” around 400 billion bits of information……per second! 

Now this information gets filtered of course and I will explain why and how in an up coming post (be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss that post btw). But none-the-less, as we go through life, we all take in information on a subconscious level that can accumulate to form deeply engrained beliefs. Beliefs that can sabotage our progress. 

Whatever we do consistently will become our habitual way of being. Practice complaining enough, you will become a master complainer (we all know one of them). Practice exercising enough and eating the right food, you will become healthy and vibrant. 

So how about practicing being uncomfortable? Oh now we are getting somewhere! Imagine if you became a master at getting uncomfortable! Now why on earth would we want to do that? Well just like anything in nature, we need to be growing. When we are not growing and progressing, we are dying. It is that simple. 

Getting uncomfortable so you grow doesn’t mean completely dismissing what you believe in. But it does mean challenging those beliefs once in a while. Don’t be a sheep just following the herd; believing something or acting a certain way because people told you to. Shake your own foundations once in a while. Ask new questions. It’s a great way to deepen the beliefs that serve you and eliminating the ones that don’t. Again never just assume because something is familiar and comfortable that it is right. 

We do live in a world or rapid change. And while that can be disruptive, especially to the people who refuse to embrace and prepare for it, this change comes hand in hand with new and exciting possibilities. Getting uncomfortable can be exciting as you explore new possibilities and broaden your horizons and your self belief.

This world holds so much magnificence and abundance. We all have a greater opportunity to see that the more we are willing to step out the door of our comfort zone once in a while.  

Make getting uncomfortable your new comfortable. The truth is getting uncomfortable is what it takes if we are committed to living a great life. Pay now or pay later. The choice is yours.

Don’t be one of the illiterate of the future. Learn to love the discomfort of growth!

What is one action you are going to do to day to get a little uncomfortable?? Comment below.. 


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