Create Lasting Success As An Entrepreneur Or Business Owner

This article is dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs. And if you think you don’t have time to read this article, it is all the more important that you do.

I have the utmost respect for the business owners and entrepreneurs who are out there making a positive impact. They are people who chose not to settle and they did whatever it took to bring their vision to life. They saw a solution that they could bring to the world, a way in which they could offer value to others and they took the action necessary to make it happen.

Entrepreneurs and business owners really are the lifeblood of any country and without these brave men and women, these pioneers, innovators, visionaries or as Steve Jobs called them “the crazy ones”, the world as we know it would come to a grinding halt.



Being an entrepreneur or a business owner is not some whimsical fantasy and at times it can be far less sexy than people might think. It is a huge commitment day in and day out to find ways to serve others using your gifts and to constantly better your efforts to stay relevant in the market. As a business owner, people rely on YOU for jobs to create their future and perhaps even the future of their family.

There was a time before I ran my own business when I had 7 different jobs. Sadly, almost half of those businesses I worked for no longer exist. And at the time, these were established businesses. I saw people loose millions. Everything they had worked so hard for came crashing down, sometimes taking their relationships and families with it, leaving them with nothing. Often leaving them broken.



While there are a number of reasons this can happen, businesses don’t always fail just because the people running the business are bad at what they do. In life it is very rare we  just arrive at a particular end result. Most times, it is the “compound effect”. Take our health for example, we don’t just wakeup one day out of shape. There was something we did or perhaps failed to do consistently over a period of time to get that result.

The pressure on business owners can be immense, often at times more so in smaller businesses with less infrastructure in place. And in an attempt to please everybody and deliver value, it is easy for business owners to get so consumed by all the demands, that they neglect other areas of their lives. Areas we as humans all need to focus on.

Any area of life that we fail to grow in, just like an unused muscle, will weaken overtime. Tony Robbins, who is regarded as one of the top authorities on business mastery says, “what isn’t growing is dying”. Think about that. Is there any part of your life that has been slowly dying while you have been so focused on your business?

Here is a list of seven areas of life we all need to be constantly progressing in for you to quickly rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. Be completely honest with yourself and take note of any areas that might not be giving the attention they require. This one quick exercise could save you a lot of heartache in the future.


1. Health

2. Mind and Intellectual Development

3. Spirituality

4. Career

5. Finances

6. Family

7. Social 


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Before every flight, aeroplane pilots run through a preflight checklist. These guys and girls at times can have up to hundreds of other peoples lives in their hands. They leave nothing to chance. They realise the consequences. Our approach to life should be no different, especially if you are an entrepreneur who has people relying on you. We need to tick all the boxes to ensure we last the journey and reach our destination.

A successful person is not someone who is only great in one area. Neglecting areas of life is like building a skyscraper but missing crucial foundations. That building will only get so high before it comes crashing down. A truly successful person is one who excels in all areas of life.

Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a serial entrepreneur with a net worth of approximately $160 million, is a great example of someone empowering an area of life they had been neglecting. Gary hired a full-time coach to work with him to help keep his health on track by holding him accountable and even to the extent of preparing his meals for him. This guy is in it for the long haul and even as such a hardcore entrepreneur, in this youtube video that he explains how he wishes he had focused more on his health.


When we value ourselves enough to ensure we are progressing in all areas of life, the world starts valuing us more. This will in turn have a huge positive impact on anyones business as their self-worth increases. Remember, your business plays a huge roll in the world of tomorrow and you have come to far for anything other than success.

It is my passion as a life strategies and mindset coach to assist entrepreneurs and business owners to empower all areas of their life as they play a huge roll in creating the world we live in tomorrow.

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About the Author:

Nash Mackey is an entrepreneur, a life strategist and mindset coach who is passionate about helping others recognise and then harness their awesome potential. He is also a proud dad and husband with a wide variety of life experience spanning from the military, working in the medical field along with the hospitality and construction industry. Through sharing lessons from personal life experiences, years of immersing himself in peak performance training and world class mentors, Nash is on a mission through his writing, speaking, coaching and videos, to help others release their greatness on earth and have a positive impact and live lives of magnificent fulfilment.
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