Keeping It Real In Life And Business

We have all seen it. It’s everywhere. In fact it’s so familiar and we get bombarded with so much of it everyday that we hardly notice it anymore.

You guessed it, I’m talking about advertising!

Now in studying a bit of marketing and advertising, you wouldn’t believe the lengths some marketers go to catch peoples attention. The reason they do this is that most of us have become so immune to advertising that we simply don’t notice it like we used to.

So how does someone who is a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur step out and still get noticed in this noisy, fast paced and exciting world?

Well fortunately, there is a solution!

In a time where most marketers and advertises are trying to compete and just copying one another, a phenomenal former advertising executive by the name of Sally Hogshead came out with a new strategy that is proving to be very effective. Sally simply said, “it’s easier to be different than it is to be better.”

So how do we be different? Well I believe within Sally’s statement, there is a magnificent invitation for businesses and all of as individuals alike. You see the most effective way to be different, is to simply be ourselves. In other words, what Sally is saying, is we all need to be more authentic.

True authenticity is something we all recognise and while it will make unauthentic people feel a bit uncomfortable at times, deep down, we all admire it and beautiful truth is authenticity never gets old.

Can you imagine a business that encourages people to be themselves as opposed to trying to make them fit into this perfect box? Well, the positive news is you don’t have to just imagine anymore because all around smart businesses companies are doing just that. Some examples of companies that create amazing workplace cultures are Google, Zappos and MindValley just to name a few. Of course these companies have a very thorough hiring process but the environments they create for their workers allow the employees to thrive as unique individuals which in turn creates a booming company or business.

As humans, we are extremely good at picking up when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We pick up on people through multiple senses. But just as we can pick up when someone is trying to BS us, we can also pick up on someone who is being completely authentic..and we love it!

Now in order to be more authentic, it’s so important to get to know other words, self awareness is crucial! We need to begin valuing ourselves enough to acknowledge our strengths and our non-strengths alike. We need to identify the best parts of ourselves and nourish those parts. We need to stop waisting our precious time and energy on the parts of us we know don’t serve anyone including ourselves.

Take a quick glimpse back through history up until this present day and you will realise that anyone who achieved incredible things were or are the individuals who played to their strengths and lived by what was true to them, regardless the obstacles and the small-minded opinions of others.

Today is a great day to leave behind any traits that don’t serve you by simply admitting you have things you aren’t good at (we all do) and choosing to focus on your strengths and letting your true character shine.

I heard of a mountain climber who was scaling a very high mountain one day and this guy literally had to break his toothbrush in half because at the high altitudes, weight becomes a real problem. But I absolutely loved what this guys said and that was simply, “you can only carry so much stuff with you to the way to the top.”

Life is a gift and it is too short to be showing up as anyone other than the best parts of you. Life is too short and precious to be showing up as anyone other than your most authentic self. The rewards will be great for all of the people who do.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

About the Author:

Nash Mackey is an entrepreneur, a life strategist and mindset coach who is passionate about helping others recognise and then harness their awesome potential. He is also a proud dad and husband with a wide variety of life experience spanning from the military, working in the medical field along with the hospitality and construction industry. Through sharing lessons from personal life experiences, years of immersing himself in peak performance training and world class mentors, Nash is on a mission through his writing, speaking, coaching and videos, to help others release their greatness on earth and have a positive impact and live lives of magnificent fulfilment.
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