7 Simple Steps To Make Everyday Incredible

Everyday is a precious gift and an opportunity to make the most out of our lives. While we all want to enjoy our lives, so many people are looking for happiness in the wrong things often simply because they don’t know any better.

The following techniques are easy to do and even practicing a single one can make a huge amount of positive difference in your life. Like anything, the more you put into theses techniques, the more you will get out.

#1 Breath 

To breath is to be alive. Breathing is the first thing we all did when we were born and it will be the last thing we do when we leave this earth.

Every breath is precious and learning to breath correctly will have an enormous positive impact on your life. Deep breathing oxygenates your blood which increases energy levels, awareness and focus. It improves stamina, reduces tension in the body, removes toxins and the list goes on.

When was the last time you consciously breathed? Most people do what is called shallow or chest breathing simply because they aren’t aware of the power of deep breathing. This type of breathing is very similar to the ‘fight-or-flight response’ pattern of breathing we default to under stress.

A simple technique you can start practicing right now is to breath in focusing on using you abdomen to pull the air right to the bottom of your lung. Then exhale doing the exact opposite. So actually breath out using your abdomen muscles and empty the air from lungs from your belly up. You can also practice this technique breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The beauty about breathing techniques is that they can be practiced at any time throughout the day helping us to respond, rather than react.

Personally I have found taking a deep breath as soon as I feel slightly anxious about something enables me to stay focused, centred and in control. I have practiced this for long enough that it has become an automatic response by my body to stressful thoughts or situations.

Remember, we only have so many breaths, so use them wisely.

#2 Give Yourself Credit By Writing A List Of Things You Have Accomplish So Far In Your Life

This is so powerful and I really encourage you to practice this on regular basis. Write down everything you have ever accomplished. It doesn’t matter how trivial it might seem. Type it up on your computer and print it off or write it somewhere special where you can review it easily.

You might have won an award at school when you were a kid, you might have completed a course, got a degree, a certain job or perhaps you’re a great parent. Maybe you learnt a particular skill like playing an instrument or even learning to drive a car. You want to fill your list up with everything you have accomplished up until now.

We all go through times when we get so caught up in the moment and we actually forget what we’ve already accomplished and what we’re capable of. Referring back to the list is a great way to inspire yourself and it will help give you the confidence to achieve more.

#3 Mega Gratitude = Mega Happiness

There are always going to be both good times and tough times in life.These are the seasons of life. It’s really about being the sort of person who can learn to find joy in basking in the sun or play in the snow, depending on the season you are going through. We need to remember that without the tough times, the good times wouldn’t mean anything to us.

Anyone can be grateful when things are going well. But if you can learn to be deeply grateful for it all and recognise the divine perfection that always exists, you will become an unstoppable force. Understand that it’s during the tough times that we really grow and our true nature is revealed.

Practicing gratitude can change your perception of the world. When you are in a grateful state you let go of anger and fear which are two of the main reasons people fail to take action towards their goals and dreams.

Studies prove that gratitude has so many positive psychological benefits such as reducing depression, increasing determination, energy, you are more resilient to stress and the list goes on. The positive effects of gratitude can still be present even after sometime of actually practicing it.

How you practice it is up to you but you want to feel it on a deep level. You can journal, write a letter or just run whatever you’re grateful for through your head. This is extremely powerful.

There will always be days when we might not be feeling our best however the worst thing we can do is sit around feeling sorry for ourselves unless we want to stay in a gloomy state. To be in that state we are actually focusing on things that are negative. Let’s be honest, life is too precious and short to be sitting around being negative. Become a gratitude master!

#4 Sit In A Quiet Place

Get away from the noise, the technology and the hustle of everyday life.

Even if it’s only for five to ten minutes, taking the time to do this can have a huge positive impact on your day.

It’s so important to make time for yourself just to let your mind catch up. If you practice this, you will find you think clearer, be more patient and you may notice you don’t get rundown as much.

If you think you are someone who couldn’t sit still for five minutes then this is all the more important for you to practice.

In life you will find that balance always will be restored. In other words, if we don’t take the time to switch off, we are far more susceptible to getting run down. The body is capable of amazing things, but putting it under constant stress is a recipe for disaster in the future.

I personally recommend learning how to meditate. This isn’t something you have to travel to a cave in the Himalayan mountains to learn from a monk by the way. There are some fantastic online courses available. It could be one of the best investments you ever make.

#5 Go For A Walk In Nature

Get out in nature and actually look around you at the beauty of this earth. Remember we are all connected to this earth. When we appreciate and respect the earth we are in fact sending these energies back to ourselves and to others, after all, we are made of the same stuff!

Nature is perfect. You can be looking at hundreds of the same trees yet no two are ever exactly identical. As humans I believe we can learn from this to start embracing our authentic self and stop trying to be like others.

#6 Give Someone A Complement

The beauty of this practice is that when you are committed to do it, you will find yourself focusing on the positive side of people. Sure life gets busy and we all get caught up in our own little world, but if you can break away from that and remember that we are all in this together, then that’s really saying something about you as a person.

A great saying I love is, “You see in others what you see in yourself.” Start looking for the beauty and the uniqueness that makes others the person who they are and complement them on it. This will not only make their day but you will feel fantastic. When we give, we get!

#7 Do A Random Act Of Kindness

This can be as simple as smiling at someone on the street, giving way in traffic, letting someone go before you at the grocery store, donating to a charity or paying for the coffee of the next person inline.

I will never forget when I was about seven, I was in a shop and this guy saw me gazing at the lolly pops. He grabbed one off the stand, paid for it and gave it to me muttering to the shop keeper, “at least I can do one thing right today.” He then let out a big sigh and walking out of the shop..(clearly he was having a bit of a rough day) but I was absolutely wrapped! That event has stuck in my head since. This one act left such a positive impression on me that to this day I will always look for opportunities to do something to hopefully make someone else’s day just a bit better.

We have no idea what is happening in someone else’s life and the smallest of gestures can give someone an amazing pick up and absolutely transform their day.

Although these things may seem trivia, with practice these can become habits and amazing attributes to your character and the foundation for greater things.

If you can live your days coming from a place of kindness, love respect and treating others as you want to be treated not only will feel so much happier, you will notice it will start flowing back to you.


Please share this article and leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Let us know what you do to make your days incredible!

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About the Author:

Nash Mackey is an entrepreneur, a life strategist and mindset coach who is passionate about helping others recognise and then harness their awesome potential. He is also a proud dad and husband with a wide variety of life experience spanning from the military, working in the medical field along with the hospitality and construction industry. Through sharing lessons from personal life experiences, years of immersing himself in peak performance training and world class mentors, Nash is on a mission through his writing, speaking, coaching and videos, to help others release their greatness on earth and have a positive impact and live lives of magnificent fulfilment.
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