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I am yet to meet a single person who doesn’t want to live a great life full of vitality and meaning

But just to make sure you are on the right page, it’s important you answer these questions:

  1. Are you seriously committed to making 2019 the year you get off the fence and get after your dreams?
  2. Are you truly ready to stop settling for less than you know you are capable of and instead, show the world what you really have to offer? 

…if your answer is no, this might not be right for you.

But if you answered YES and you are ready to go all in, this call is for you.

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How This Discovery Session Will Benefit You

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This call is all about you and your needs.

Together we will deep dive into exactly where you are in life right now, we will get clear on where you want to be and perhaps most importantly, explore what you need to let go of so you can most effectively bridge the gap to start living your best life now!

One of the key reasons this Discovery Session will be so beneficial is because of the expanded awareness you will develop about your life.

With better awareness, you can make better choices. And of course, better choices leads you to better results. 

Here is a little more about what you will receive from the call:

  • A renewed sense of enthusiasm for the future

  • Heightened appreciation and respect for what you have achieved in your life so far

  • Clarity around your unique Purpose – I believe everyone of us has been brought to this earth to contribute something important to the world

  • An expanded awareness for what is possible for your life

  • Increased confidence in your ability to take control of your life, regardless of where you are right now

  • During the call, you will be guided through specific questions that will also allow you to gain clarity around your unique values

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Is there a restless part of you that wants to break free of the majority who are settling for average?

If you’re reading this, it tells me you get that there is so much more to life than wasting your life doing work that doesn’t really fulfil you, having average relationships, declining health and increasing stress levels. I get that there is a part of you that believes in the possibility of a great life.

My encouragement to you is to not wait for some tragedy to happen before you decide to make the changes you know you need to in your life.

Commit to amplifying your life today.

You deserve to wake up everyday, excited for the future because you know you have the confidence and the discipline to turn any challenge into a new opportunity.

You deserve to thrive. Give yourself that gift starting today…

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Testimonial From Joel Brown, Founder Of Addicted2Success

– The Number 1 Motivational Website In The World

“Working with Nash was a joyful experience. He was genuine and really cared about helping me become a better person. He has such a passion to help people. I highly recommend Nash for someone seeking assistance for life’s challenges.”

Greg Roby

“Nash has a great knowledge of human behaviour and the human mind. He has a deep understanding of relationships. I really recommend him as a coach. He is very patient and he knows how work with different cultures and different backgrounds. Nash is a very positive person and is extraordinary in directing you exactly the way you want to go in life.”   

Ramona Mons

A Bit About Me Blog Page Image

That sickening feeling that comes when you believe your life is spiralling down a path that is so far removed from what you want and what you know you can be, is all too familiar to me. I kept quiet and put on a brave face, but that’s how I felt for years.

That’s why helping people through my work as a Purpose Coach to develop the self-confidence, an unshakable identity and a compelling vision for their lives is my oxygen. I sincerely feel it is the greatest contribution I can make.

Drawing from some unique life experiences such as time in the military as a Combat Medic at 18 years old, working in the medical industry for several years, running businesses in an array of industries, plus working with a number of world class mentors and training as a Strategic Interventionist Coach, I am committed to deliver practical guidance that truly makes a difference on the quality of people’s lives.

Above anything else I have done, I pride myself on my family. My beautiful wife, Cassy and I have been married for 6 years and we have been together for 11 years this year . Together, we have two (soon to be three) amazing kids. 

It was actually when I first held my son that I realised I had to stop settling and playing small in life. Something clicked in that moment and I realised that I had to step up and lead by example. How could I encourage my kids to go out and live a full life, if I hadn’t done it myself? 

Working in the medical field, I saw a lot of wasted life at a young age. That was one of the key drivers that led me to doing the work I now do as a Purpose Coach. In a hospital, you see then end results of the happenings of people’s lives. And in many cases, it was the very end result. One day I came to a realisation that I wanted to be able to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to help people get behind the controls in their life, before the downward spiral even began. I wanted to focus on preventing, rather than curing.

I adore helping people thrive, remembering that everything is touching everything. In other words, when I assist someone on their journey to tap into more of their unique potential, I get that it will benefit the lives of the people around them. Together, we can shape the future and leave this world a little better than we found it. Regardless of what the past has been, we all have so much available to us right now to take control of making our future spectacular. That is my promise to you.

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What You Can Expect When You Choose Me As Your Coach:

– Learn to release negative baggage from the past that is weighing you down from progressing and living the life you deserve

– Powerful strategies to help you deal with any roadblocks that you are currently facing in life

– Clarity on top outcomes and accountability to reach the objectives that will really move the dial to make this year epic for you

– Learn how to deal with fears, limiting beliefs and break away from toxic habits and people

And so much more.. 

If you know it is time to start living fully and moving confidently into the future, than I invite you to schedule a call right now.

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Let’s face it; there are more demands on our attention than ever before.

The question is, how effectively are you able to fulfil those responsibilities and demands? Do you feel like you are behind the controls or do you feel like life is moving faster than you can cope. You put on a brave front, but you often wonder just how much more you can take. 

From personal experience, I strongly encourage you not to wait to see what your breaking point is simply because you thought you could go at your challenges alone.

The people who make the effort to equip themselves to embrace challenge and who have developed themselves to adapt to change are the ones who will excel. The great news is we all have the same capacity…and opportunity to become that person if we choose.

There are people in your life right now who are waiting for you to step. 

Life has so much more in store for all you, my friend. The more you are willing to show up and move, the more things will start falling into place. You just have to be willing to take that first step. 

To get new results, we need to take new action.

There is always a new level available for us in life in every area of our lives. But the question is, are you REALLY willing to take some new actions to get you there? Are you committed to making this your reality?

Think about those things you REALLY want to do in life. Those things you know you should be doing…but when you don’t do, leave you feeling completely lousy. Even Angry. 

It might be sticking to your health goals, letting go of toxic relationships or pain from past events. Perhaps it’s taking control of your finances, starting that dream business, developing deeper loving connection with the important people in your life. Or is it discovering a deeper sense of meaning in your life?

Because you are a caring person, you are happy for other people when you see them doing well in the area you are experiencing challenge in. But there is no denying that there is a certain pain in your heart as the void remains unfilled.

If you truly believe you have more to be, contribute and have, then let’s talk.

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When I share with people that I have outlaid over 6 figures in my own personal growth..not including time cost (which would be over $250,000 based on what I could have earned), people think I am out of my mind.

What I can say for certain, is that it was all worth it. To be able to breakthrough of the restraints of mediocrity and ways of being that are crushing your potential…well, that is priceless.

You see, I realised that unless I picked up my game, I would only sink further into toxic ways of bing. I sincerely wanted to be at my best and do something significant. The thing that changed everything was when I began to think for myself and go after what I was drawn to.

If you are ready to step up and make 2019 the launching pad for a brighter future, then let’s talk.

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